Flower of Life (Artist Chris L. Jones)

I tend to flutter from one social media platform to another over the course of the year, but I'm always in cyber-land connecting via one of these sites. All are active, and I always return, would be lovely to meet you there. Love & light, Trace.


This is a little space for me to experiment with writing, keeping it fun, and toconnect with other creative writer folks. 

Tread Softly 

Six-word Stories

Butterfly Soul
Random words of reflective thoughts.

Book covers created by Tracey-anne (Polyvore)

Mostly sharing art and meeting beautiful like-minded folk. Learn lots here, quick and savvy. 
A new place for me. Sharing art & words
My favourite old hideaway to blog anything that piques my curiosity and makes my heart sing. 

  • Book Page Facebook

A page dedicated to book series. 
Addictive - total hoarder of visuals. Love it!
All about books/reading. Author Page.
Lovely quiet place.

  • WeHeartIt

One of my favourite places to get lost in. Visual. 
I should frequent here more often.

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