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Calageata (Cala-gea-ta)

An ethereal realm with a gateway referred to as 'Calageata' - Swan-Gate'. It's actual name is 'Nede' it is an axis mundi - a celestial pole - connecting higher and lower realms. Home of the Sindria,  the guardians/caretakers of souls. Their realm is mostly covered with rolling hills of purple flowers which, when souls are due to arrive, emit a fine mist over the land.  

Calageata is a realm not fixed to one place, and can only be entered via portals which are known as gates at different points in the universe. Calageata is the gate name for entering via the planet of Emeritias. 

The Sindria have existed since before time. Originally there were seven, now there are six. Their existence relates to ancient stars which gave the first light in the universe.

From the Sindria the first life forms were created ~ The Aos Si (Highest Form of Sidhe)

From the Aos Si ~ The Sidhe and The Deisi ~ and finally, Hu-mans, which they call 'Children' in comparison with the age of the universe.

Some might refer to Calageata as Heaven and the Sindria as angels. 

'All Are One'

The Well of Souls

Within 'Calageata' lay the well of souls. A place were souls return to the original source - the central point of where the universe began with light and life. It is represented by the Sindria as a flower - the ethereal flower of Voror.

The Sindria sing as souls enter the well ~ 'Birth cry' of the cosmos - Astronomers have recaptured the sounds of the early universe showing it was born not with a bang but a quiet whisper that became a dull roar. Ripples in the radiation are like sound waves bouncing through the cosmos - Song of the universe.

Over the first million years the music of the cosmos changed from a bright major chord to a somber minor one.  The om (Aum) is said to be the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the universe. 


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It is said that 'Twin Souls' ~  The Agnaya (Ag-naya) (Yang) & The Aniya (A-niya) (Yin) ~ forever seek one another for balance ~ to be complete. The reunion is instantly recognised though may not be fully understood. They may meet over many lifetimes in a process of learning before fully connecting and becoming one.                                     Storyboard HERE

The Love of Souls 


The planet of the Sidhe (Shee). Far bigger than earth, and its landmass is completely joined as one, like Pangea.

The Heaven Stone Quarter ~ Emeritias

The Heaven Stone Warriors of the Sindria live here. A way of living similar to warrior monks of earth. They train in combat and spiritual awareness to protect souls ~ keeping the universal balance.  They are free to leave the Order if choose to do so. 

Their quarter is very green, parts are wild, untended, and lead out to a mountain range. 

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 The Deisi Realm

Another realm within a realm, like Calageata, gateways are required to enter. The Deisi unlike the other realms live within seasons.  They also believe in harmony and being at one with nature. They connect with the magic that exists unseen, which they call Seior. The Deisi live and practice Seior within a sworn code, an oath which all partake. 

The male Deisi who practice Seior magic are known as Ergi. 

 Queen Eliseis Court ~ Emeritias

 Eliseis (E-lis-e-is) Court was built in the 'New Age' of the Otherworld. It is made of crystal not known to Hu-mans and uses clean energy. The Court has underground libraries that stretch for miles, records of their past.

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King Farlyn's Court ~ Emeritias

 King Farlyn began his reign here, in the old ruins of the elders ~ the ancient Aos Si. Very reminiscent mix of Gothic/medieval architecture. It used to be referred to as a palace.

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Enna's Temple ~ Emeritias

Enna was the last Aos Si on Earth. Her temple on Emeritias is now an ancient ruin.   

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All image sources can be found on 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers' storyboards on Pinterest - used for inspiration purposes only.