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 Readers Book Arrival. ;o) 

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Essex & London


& Malaysia

Tess (Author) U.S Link 


Australia ~ Robert 


Nicole (Spain) won the book via Bookblogger ~  

A Lover of Books - Sonya Alford HERE

James Silvester (Author) U.K Link 

Author R. Lewis U.K 

Video Book Review by Laura

Below, Laura's early review - ten chapters. #ASMR ~ Twitter HERE

 Readers Book Tattoos

Reader ~ V.S 

Rumi Quote ~ What you seek is seeking you

Reader's name in Lifprasira  

Reader ~ L.L 

In progress by Reader C.M

Lifprasira,  Rumi Quote ~

What you seek is seeking you

 Fez ~ Art by Sarah Owen 

 Sharing the talented work of artist 'Helga McLeod'.

Commission Piece - Watercolour

Helga's  creative interpretation of the main character 'Bethany'. Elements of the story are captured so perfectly, right down to Bea's necklace, a seven pointed star, and tattoo ~ 'What you seek is seeking you', Rumi. 

I will be posting more of Helga's wonderful character artwork over the next few months. She is available for commissions.

Helga's Etsy Shop HERE


JB Sketches: Lifprasira (Sidhe Symbols) and the flower of Voror (Soul Flower).

Artist 'Helga McLeod'

Art by Helga