***Standalone book to series***
***A Future Release***

 This was actually the first story that ran around inside my mind for nearly two years before, 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'.

Since then, a trilogy has spiraled from the original book idea. 'The butterfly bridge' is to be the fourth book in the series. A standalone edition - pre-history.

It all started with a simple visual meditation - A waterfall by a small glade and an ancient Oak tree. From there, the main character Enna appeared and the story evolved. 

Everything began around those images, an incredible journey by the way of simple visuals. 

What inspired me? The love of nature and lore.

I wanted to explore a world far away from the urban jungle that most of us live/work in today. Create a world with a more spiritual environment, not in an overwhelming way, or in any true religious sense, more the art of...just being. 

Cover Design Idea by Tracey-anne

Enna is a priestess who has almost completed her spiritual training. Her temple and it's teachings originate from an ancient race not of earth.  

This story concerns Enna's journey of personal growth, filled with a mix of joy and change. 

I invite you to temporarily embrace a priestess's life in a shifting unpredictable time, not too dis-familiar from our own.

Clannad Of This Land.mp3

Styled by Alice Saga ~ Photography Martina Olsson.

 Noirfeu via Deviantart

 Rosie Tupper photographed by Nicole Bentley

Artwork by Reflection on DeviantArt 

I have adapted the images to fit the story theme.
Original image sources can be found by clicking on the pictures.
Images are used for inspiration purposes only.


Trust the voice within ~ 

from this your light shines... 

The Idisi Temple - of the Iðavöllr (the splendour-plain ).

The Order of Idisi ~ Mortals now tend this temple, nurturing otherworldly knowledge. Legend says that the Deisi originally descended from the divine women of this ancient Order. 

Our secret histories are carved in stone, frozen in time, and those that seek, will find them - Tracey-anne

 “Still round the corner there may wait

a new road or a secret gate.

And though I oft have passed them by,

a day will come at last when I

shall take the hidden paths that run

West of the Moon, East of the Sun.” 

― J.R.R. Tolkien

The Butterfly Bridge - Mood Board 4

The Butterfly Bridge - Mood Board 5

Enna's Temple Board (NEW)