Tarot Inspired Art

Her Speaking Heart

Playful use of fairy tale whimsy in digital collage art.

A Heart's Wonderland - Oracle Deck designed by Tracey-anne

A Heart's Wonderland

The Design for the Back of Oracle Cards.

I wanted to create a light whimsy feel of nature.

Water Moon 

Traditionally, this cared represents the four of cups in tarot. 

The Magician

Crystals - Earth *  Butterflies - Air

Backdrop - Water * Light - Fire

The Magician has full control of the elements. 

He dreams things into being - manifesting what s/he desires.

Flower Moon

This card was inspired by the full moon referred to as The Flower Moon in May, and the maiden a representation of the May Queen. 

The Moon in the traditional tarot can mean secrets kept hidden, not in the light of day. 

Divine Intervention

Representing The Tower in traditional tarot decks. It can be a bit scary when dealt this card in a spread, but in truth, it is a breaking down of an old, outdated foundation. Yes, it brings sudden chaos, but red flags were usually present way before the crashing down of something in one's life. It means that with making wrong choices, even though instincts nagged the right way, the divine has now been forced to intervene. It is a much more painful process rather than if listened and acted. However, with old foundations gone, new beginnings can begin. 

The Goddess

Traditionally, The Empress Card.

Poet & Quote Inspired Oracle Cards

If you haven't read Victoria Erickson's words, please, pop over HERE and lose yourself for awhile. Her style is beautiful. 

Grounded Flight Deck

While keeping one foot in reality, invisible wings keep her other foot off the ground as if ready to leap into the realm of possibility.

1. After experiencing The Tower Card       2. The Fool in traditional Tarot 

Seasonal Deck

The Twins of Autumn


The Journey Deck

A deck based on 'the dark night of soul' - the journey of change. 

© Copyright Traceyanne McCartney