Old Draft Excerpt ~ Unedited / Unpublished

 Doorstep Laughter

 It was Sunday, and Bea enjoyed the lay in time that she was able to share with Chance. They had given each other so much unrushed pleasure that she wished that every day was a Sunday. 

Yep, Bea smiled, another incredible night, which brought on what she called – jelly-legs! While carrying the tea to the bedroom, Bea became engaged in fits of laughter. It had been quite a while since she wasn’t able to use her legs properly after sex, but today went down as one of her most impacted jelly-legged days! Chance couldn’t help but laugh at her infectious giggles, although he had no idea of the cause. 

‘What?’ he quizzed as she placed the cups on the bedside table 

‘You have turned my legs to jelly. I couldn’t help but wobble all over the kitchen!’ 

Chance smiled and Bea made herself comfortable on the bed, planting a kiss on his lips. 

‘I kept the image of you in my shirt in my mind all day yesterday.’ 

‘Really?’ Bea grinned.

Chance nodded.

‘I love this jumper too!’ Bea picked up the beige, dishevelled looking item and held it up, ‘I’ll swap you for the shirt that I still hold ransom.’ 

He laughed, ‘My clothes look so much better on you. How can I refuse?’ 

Bea slipped off the shirt and replaced it with the jumper. She was about to pounce on Chance when the intercom rang. 

Chance watched as Bea started to rush around like a crazy woman. 

‘I won’t be a minute.’ she assured him, before running out the room and answering the intercom, ‘Hello?’

‘Hiya! I’ve brought some cinnamon doughnuts. Can you smell them yet?’ 

It was Liza. Shit! Bea silently gasped.

‘Oh… erm, give me a minute.’ Bea blurted.

Before Liza could say anything further, Bea replaced the handset. 

Chance strolled out of the bedroom with a sheet artfully draped around him, finding Bea looking rather disorientated. 

‘Who is it?’ he asked.

‘My friend…. Liza.’ 

The intercom screamed out again. 

‘Are you going to answer that? Or do you want me to hide?’ Chance smiled.

‘Very funny! No. I’ll go down. I’ll be back in a minute.’ she flustered.

Bea ran down the stairs so fast, Chance didn’t have time to remind Bea that she was only wearing his jumper. . She tripped and stubbed her big toe in the haste. After hopping around for a few seconds, she took a deep breath and casually opened the door to Liza, whom stood looking at Bea bewildered, then suddenly broke out into a fit of laughter. Bea was confused as to why, until Liza made a hand gesture in front of Bea’s newly found attire.

‘So… who is he?’ Liza lent up against the door frame waiting for an answer. 

Bea looked down at Chance’s jumper, damn! The warm, fuzzy feeling that she’d felt all morning disappeared. ‘It’s an old thing I had lying around.’ Bea dismissed Liza’s notion of having a man upstairs.

Liza laughed, ‘Yeah, right! What have I missed?’ 

‘Nothing!’ Bea defended.

Liza grinned, ‘I can smell man!’ 

Bea’s mouth dropped. 

‘I meant sense, I can sense man.’ Liza corrected, cracking up.

‘Shhhh!’ Bea placed her finger to her lips.

Liza’s eyebrows rose, ‘What? Is he asleep? Is he awake?’ Liza tried sticking her head around the door, ‘Hello?’ she cried. 

‘Liza!’ Bea exclaimed, pulling the door closer. 

‘Oh this is great, looky at you! Alright here are the cinnamon doughnuts, have fun, and I expect to see him with you Tuesday!’ Liza gave Bea a peck on the cheek and scurried off bellowing, ‘Have fun!’ 

Bea noticed a passer-by smiling as she stood scantily dressed in the doorway. Bea briskly shut the shop door and ran back upstairs. 

She found Chance leaning over the banister. 

‘Were you listening?’ she asked.

‘No, I was waiting. Where are we going Tuesday?’ he smiled.

‘You were listening!’ she gasped.

‘I overheard you jumping around and was going to come to your rescue.’ 

Bea pulled a face, ‘Yeah, right!’

‘Okay …I was being nosey.’ he admitted. 

 ‘Rescue me now.’ Bea grinned, jumping into his arms.

‘Now? From what?’ he pretended to look around, attentive.

‘From wobbly legs.’ Bea fluttered her eyelashes.

‘They looked okay a few moments ago.’ he laughed.

‘I know, but… but these doughnuts are so very heavy, and…and I need rescuing from their ….aroma! I think that a distraction would be a great rescue.’ 

Chance grinned, ‘Permit me to assist.’ he removed the doughnuts from Bea’s grasp, dropping them to the floor, ‘I have removed the threat, now for the distraction.’ 

Bea giggled as he proceeded to carry her off into the bedroom.