Prologue ~ Awake in Purple Dreams

Hi, I'm so excited that you popped over. 

I wanted to give you all a little further reading (unedited draft) while waiting for book two 'Awake in Purple Dreams'. Originally this was going to be the epilogue for 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers', but removed as felt it posed more questions than answers. However, I thought it would make a nice extra on the website for those readers wanting to taste more of the story. If you haven't read the first book, beware 'spoilers'.

I would love to know your thoughts of 'A Carpet of Purple Flowers'. Please, pop over to Goodreads and Amazon UK or, and leave a review if you haven't done so already. It really does help authors, especially Indies. It can be a brief sentence or in-depth analysis, do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Thank you so much ~ Trace :o) 

Visual storyboard for the prologue
Visual storyboard for the prologue
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